The Los Angeles Lakers have important decisions to make this summer to fix the mess that the 2021-22 NBA season turned out to be. LeBron James‘ title window will not last forever, so they must make the right choices this time.

Last year, the Purple and Gold made a blockbuster trade for Russell Westbrook but it didn’t work out as expected, and now have to decide what to do with Brodie. But first, they have to take care of something else.

The Lakers have yet to hire a new head coach after firing Frank Vogel. While they already have three finalists for the job, Magic Johnson warned what the new coach should be able to do in LA.

Magic Johnson weighs in on the Lakers’ search of a new head coach

But the most important thing to me is accountability,” Johnson said, via ClutchPoints. They must hold everybody, one through 15, accountable. And we got away from accountability. Guys never talked about that this season. It was always somebody else’s fault. I hated that. Never, ‘Hey, I played bad. Hey, It’s on me.’ I want a coach that’s going to hold everybody accountable. And, so, that’s what I would like to see.

“Probably besides Erik Spoelstra, all the other three that’s in the final four are ex-players. So, I think that says a lot about these young ex-players who command respect right away, who have done it before. I’m not saying it has to be an ex-player, but I’m saying you have to look at what’s going on. Most of the guys who are in the playoffs.”

Whenever Magic speaks, the Lakers should listen. What he said about accountability is a fair point, while his argument about former players could also be a valid take, even though there are exceptions.