Kyrie Irving only appeared in 29 games this season as a result of the city of New York’s vaccination requirement and the Nets’ refusal to allow him to play on the road until the beginning of January.

As a result, as the Brooklyn Nets prepare for the next summer, they may be trying to adjust Irving’s long-term contract position.

If Irving chooses not to exercise his $36.5 million player option this summer, he will be a free agent.

Kyrie Irving could get tired of Brooklyn Nets

The Nets may not feel the same way about handing him a long-term contract, despite the fact that he has stated his desire to remain in Brooklyn several times.

That’s why Skip Bayless of Fox Sports 1 believes he could force his way out and continue imploding the franchise from within.

“All I know for sure is that, according to multiple reports, they’re not happy with Kyrie Irving. The strongest report said that they are outright unwilling to give Kyrie a long-term extension. Well, surely that has gotten back to Kyrie. Surely, he is well aware of that. He’s a very proud young man. So, it’s possible that in the next month he’ll just say, ‘I’m out,’ because he can opt outright, become an unrestricted free agent within the next month. Would he do that? Well, knowing Kyrie, it’s possible he would do that just because he’s offended by the way he was treated last year.”

Skip Bayless of Fox Sports 1