NFL‘s financial position has been vastly challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, but 2021 proved that it was simply for the sake of a quick leap to the league’s most prosperous year in a while. Interestingly, as far as North American leagues go, it is the most lucrative in terms of revenue compared to the NBA and MLB, for example.

There was a 14 percent gain in the value of each NFL franchise over the previous year, and a large portion of that increase was due to the NFL’s recently inked $112.6 billion contract with its television partners.

Because of that agreement, the value of each franchise has increased dramatically. This means that from now until 2032 when the deal ends, pay-out for each of the 32 NFL teams is going to increase from around $220 billion to around $377 billion.

The most valuable NFL team

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are the NFL’s most valued team, according to Forbes, for the 15th successive time. With a monetary value of $6.5 billion, the Cowboys have a $1.5 billion advantage over their closest competitor, the New England Patriots.

The Cowboys have not gone to the Super Bowl in over 25 years, yet it has not impacted their worth. On a per-year basis, the Dallas side makes $800 million in sales.