Following an ambitious offseason, the Red Sox were expected to get off to a great start to the 2022 MLB regular season. But nothing has gone according to plan thus far, as they sit fourth in the AL East.

While the critics are all over them, Alex Cora believes his team can take out a page out of the city’s basketball franchise. The Celtics are just a few steps away from glory as they reached the NBA Conference Finals.

However, the outlook was not encouraging when the season got underway, with fans asking for a serious rebuild in order to get back to the top. Cora sees the Red Sox going through a similar situation right now, which is why he wants his team to look at how another Boston team turned its season around.

Alex Cora confident that Red Sox can turn their season around like Celtics did

At one point, people were screaming to break that team up” Cora said, via NESN. And now, they’re in the conference finals. I think patience paid off. They were very patient with the kids. Having (Al) Horford, that calming influence in the locker room, it’s been great. And they decided to start playing defense. I think it was Dec. 31, if I’m not mistaken, and that was the day everything changed.

It’s been a great learning experience the last few years working here just to see how every program, they do it differently in a sense, but at the end we’re all getting to where we want to get, to be in the playoffs.

The Red Sox still have a lot of work to do, but they do have time to improve and eventually make the postseason. Cora’s men continue the Astros series on Tuesday after winning the opening game 6-3 on Monday.