In a strategic move aimed at fortifying their offensive lineup, the Cincinnati Bengals have made a resounding statement by choosing to employ the franchise tag on Tee Higgins, the dynamic wide receiver whose impact on the team’s performance cannot be overstated.

This decision, disclosed by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, signifies the Bengals’ unwavering commitment to retaining Higgins as a pivotal component of their offensive strategy for the forthcoming 2024 season.

Higgins, originally drafted from Clemson University in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, has swiftly ascended the ranks to become one of the most relied-upon assets in the Bengals’ arsenal.

Higgins’ Resilience Amplifies Bengals’ Offensive Prowess

His remarkable contribution of 42 receptions for 656 yards and five touchdowns underscored his undeniable value to the team’s offensive dynamics, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure and deliver when it matters most.

Despite enduring a series of challenging injuries, including a fractured rib and hamstring and ankle issues, Higgins demonstrated unparalleled resilience on the field throughout the previous season.

Teaming up with star quarterback Joe Burrow, Higgins has seamlessly integrated himself into the Bengals’ offensive scheme, forming a formidable partnership with three-time Pro Bowler Ja’Marr Chase. Together, they represent the cornerstone of the Bengals’ offensive strategy.