For many people, baseball is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life. Most children’s greatest baseball fantasies include catching a ball belonging to their favorite team and carrying it back to the house to proudly display it to friends and siblings.

Some things are universally important to MLB fans, no matter how long they have been involved with the sport. Moreover, increased revenue prospects for businesses have led to an increasing number of balls being utilized in the air.

Sports franchises have started selling game-used memorabilia on and off-site to fans. However, the question, “How many baseballs are used in a Major League Baseball game?” is one of those topics that often leaves fans and viewers stumped.

Number of baseballs used in one MLB game

In the MLB, one can easily notice that there are frequently a lot of balls in play. There is a fresh ball repeatedly handed out every few pitches, which adds up to the pile.

It is typical for MLB games to utilize 100-120 baseballs. A complete MLB matchday, which includes 15 games played by all the clubs, may total more than 1,800 balls.

When games continue into extra innings, teams utilize even more baseballs, and fresh balls are also used during spring training, playoffs, and all-star games. Hundreds of baseballs are used only in the Home Run Derby.