How does one become a star hitter in Major League Baseball? While compiling a list of the top hitters, there are a number of non-tangible factors to consider.

Particularly with the widespread availability of reliable and effective power hitters nowadays. There are too many statistics and measures to collect the best among the best, therefore it’s obvious that we could all put up a list of the top hitters in the world and no one would question our judgment.

Nonetheless, you could be onto something if you dig into the relevant conventional and cutting-edge metrics at more length. Because of this, we have compiled the definitive list of the top three most dominant MLB hitters in the last decade.

3. Jose Altuve

Due to the cheating controversy involving the Houston Astros, Jose Altuve’s MVP season will always be accompanied by a caveat. Statistics, however, show that he gained nothing from their sign theft.

While Altuve didn’t develop his hitting skills until later in his career, his.315 batting average has made him a terror for opposing pitchers. He has only been a professional player for 8 years, yet he has already earned 5 Silver Sluggers and 3 Batting Championships.

2. Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera’s massive contract with the Detroit Tigers has come under fire due to his history of injury problems. Many seem to have forgotten that he was the last player to ever win the batting triple crown (and the first in 45 years).

In baseball, Cabrera is among the top five batters of all time. His.317 batting average, 268 home runs, 941 RBIs, 153 OPS+, and 936 strikeouts are the greatest of any player during the last decade (14th best). He was named the Most Valuable Player twice and earned five Silver Sluggers this decade before aging and injury derailed his career.

1. Mike Trout

There have been genuine discussions on whether or not Trout is already the greatest baseball player of all time, despite the fact that he has only been around since 2011. Even though he doesn’t have the World Series rings to prove it, he has an impressive resume.

He is first in OPS+ (176), third in walks (803), fifth in batting average (.305), first in runs (903), first in slugging percentage (.581), first in OPS (1.000), and first in triples (46). (.305). He has already won the MVP award three times, the Silver Slugger seven times, and the OPS title six times in only nine years. Moreover, since since his sophomore year, he has never finished outside the top five in MVP votes.