The MLB‘s total income, as of 2022, is estimated at $3.66 billion, or an average of $120.2 million per team. Before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, league income has almost quadrupled, resulting in a rise in the value of MLB teams. 

Major League Baseball teams were projected to be worth an average of $295 million in 2004, according to Forbes. It is the second most valuable sports league in North America behind the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

On average, NBA clubs are worth more than $3.66 billion per franchise, while the National Hockey League teams are valued at more than $600 million on average.

The most valuable MLB team

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

In addition to five years of labor peace, the MLB has gained additional advertising income sources, expanded playoffs, and two new national television partnerships. As a result, a yearly assessment of franchise valuations indicates a high degree of respect for many of these businesses.

The New York Yankees, which are estimated at $6.5 billion, are the most valuable worldwide teams, according to Forbes‘ annual survey of projected MLB club valuations. They have become the first team in MLB history to be valued at $6 billion or more, placing them atop the league’s most valuable franchises.