One of the wealthiest, winningest, and most popular franchises on Earth, the New York Yankees hope to get back to glory days fast. Fortunately, they are on pace to do that in the 2022 MLB season.

Aaron Boone‘s men are currently atop the American League East, which they hope to win for the first time since 2019. But it would be unfair to talk about their great start without mentioning Aaron Judge.

If they have any title aspirations, they owe that to his fantastic level this season. Trying to explain the reason behind his performances, Gerrit Cole said Judge is simply on a different tier than the rest.

Gerrit Cole on Aaron Judge: “He’s just better”

Sometimes I feel like he’s salivating for something, gets it, and drills it,” Cole said, via ClutchPoints. “And sometimes I feel like he’s just being a good baseball player, staying up the middle, and drills it the same way. Not all the things are going his way; he’s not looking for slug all the time. He’s just putting better swings than guys are throwing. He’s just — better.

‘Better’ is certainly right to describe Judge right now. He is comfortably the MLB home run leader this year with 17, five more than Yordan Alvarez and Mike Trout who are tied in second place. As a result, he is certainly making a case to win MVP, while he makes the Yankees a title favorite as well.