In a pivotal matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Cincinnati Bengals anticipate the comeback of wide receiver Tee Higgins, who has been absent for the past three games due to a hamstring injury.

As the Bengals navigate a tough AFC playoff race, quarterback Jake Browning steps into a pivotal role following Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury. Browning’s recent debut showcased promise, yet the Bengals struggled to convert yards into points against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Higgins’ return adds a potent dimension to the Bengals’ offensive arsenal, joining forces with Ja’Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd. This trio has been crucial to Burrow’s success, with Higgins contributing 27 receptions, 327 yards, and two touchdowns in seven games this season.

Bengals Navigate Defensive Setbacks in Monday Night Football

On the defensive front, linebacker Logan Wilson, despite nursing ankle and foot injuries, is set to return. However, cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt will be sidelined due to an ankle sprain suffered in practice.

With three consecutive losses and a 5-6 record, the Bengals face a critical juncture in their season. Meanwhile, the 8-3 Jaguars aim to widen their division lead in this Monday Night Football matchup.

Although the absence of key players like Burrow and Taylor-Britt presents challenges, the return of Higgins and Wilson injects crucial firepower into the Bengals’ lineup as they navigate the fiercely competitive AFC playoff race.