After more than a decade in Atlanta, Matt Ryan is preparing for his first season without the Falcons. The Colts didn’t like what they saw of Carson Wentz last year and went after the veteran quarterback this offseason.

Ryan has a challenging job ahead of him. Not only he’s facing the task of leading Indianapolis back to the postseason, but also to prove that he can still be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

However, it seems that he already got off to a good start to life with the Colts. As a matter of fact, head coach Frank Reich has already drawn parallels between Ryan and legendary QB Peyton Manning.

Frank Reich says Matt Ryan has similar approach to football than Peyton Manning

“Matt’s an incredibly smart guy,” Reich told Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “But one of the things I’ve continued to be impressed by—he doesn’t want to expand things, he wants to consolidate things. It’s a little bit Peyton-esque like that. ‘Don’t try to overcoach, don’t get too cute, don’t try to overscheme, let’s just run the same things over and over again.’ That’s how I’ve been brought up in this league.

“In an age where everyone wants to talk about how smart the coaches are, or the quarterback is, and all the ways that you can scheme, and do this and that … and those are all important things, (but) Matt is old school, and I’m a little bit old school like this, too.