The Philadelphia Eagles’ Chief Security Officer, Dom DiSandro, is set to miss Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys following an altercation with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. Sources, as reported by NFL Network Insiders Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero on Saturday, indicate that this decision is part of an ongoing conversation with the NFL.

DiSandro, despite being allowed to carry out regular duties at AT&T Stadium, met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, and Eagles representatives at the league office on Friday.

In response, the Eagles issued a statement, announcing DiSandro’s absence from the sideline while assuring his continued involvement in other team capacities. The altercation unfolded in the third quarter of last Sunday’s game after Greenlaw tackled Eagles wide receiver Devonta Smith.

Eagles vs. Cowboys Clash Carries Weight in NFC East Title Race

The significance of the Sunday night clash with the Cowboys cannot be overstated, as it carries significant implications for the divisional title. With both teams vying for a top spot in the NFC East, the absence of DiSandro on the sidelines adds an extra layer of intrigue to the matchup.

The incident led to Greenlaw’s ejection and DiSandro being asked to leave the field. Greenlaw was subsequently fined $10,927 for his hit on Smith, excluding the rest of the altercation, while the NFL continues to deliberate on additional disciplinary measures.

This turn of events has prompted the league to reiterate guidelines to all clubs, emphasizing that game-day staff must be aware of their roles and refrain from involvement in altercations or making physical contact with opposing players.