Amidst the unfolding drama surrounding Washington‘s confrontation against the San Francisco 49ers, Jacoby Brissett’s potential start has been thrown into uncertainty due to a hamstring issue, a revelation extracted from the team’s latest injury report.

As the week concludes, an unexpected twist leaves the starting position in limbo. In a disclosure to reporters on Friday, head coach Ron Rivera shed light on Brissett’s hamstring tightness, necessitating treatment and rendering him a game-time decision for the pivotal Sunday game, with a 48-hour evaluation period ahead.

The decision-making process leading to Brissett’s potential start has been a prolonged one. Sam Howell, initially the favored starting quarterback, demonstrated consistent performance throughout most of the regular season. However, a recent dip in Washington’s offensive output under Howell’s guidance compelled Rivera to reassess his decision.

Brissett’s Stellar Performance Spurs Strategic Shift

In a notable performance last week, Brissett took charge in a challenging game against the Jets, engineering three consecutive touchdown drives that injected vitality into a previously struggling offense.

Recognizing Brissett’s impact, Rivera opted for a strategic shift, allowing Howell to observe and glean insights from the seasoned veteran’s approach to running the offense. Adding intrigue is Brissett’s illustrious career, underscored by impressive statistics.

As a seasoned quarterback, he brings a wealth of experience to the field. The success of this tactical adjustment now teeters on the balance, contingent on Brissett’s hamstring condition. Washington faces an anxious wait to determine his availability for this game.