Wide receiver Jaylen Waddle of the Miami Dolphins has successfully passed the NFL’s concussion protocol, the team officially announced on Thursday. This development paves the way for Waddle’s return to action in Week 4 as the Dolphins prepare to face off against the Buffalo Bills.

In Week 3, Waddle had been sidelined due to the concussion protocol, missing the Dolphins’ impressive 70-20 victory over the Denver Broncos. Even without Waddle, the Dolphins’ high-powered offense set a franchise record by scoring 70 points.

Reflecting on this historic achievement, Waddle shared, “Shoot, only time will tell, I guess. But 70 is historical. It’s a tribute to the guys that we’ve got that are unspoken heroes that really don’t get too much glory that go out there and play.”

Jaylen Waddle’s Impact: Overcoming Injury and Achieving Excellence

Waddle’s absence in the Denver game stemmed from a hit he took from linebacker Marte Mapu during the Dolphins’ Week 2 victory against the New England Patriots. The hit, occurring late in the fourth quarter, resulted in a helmet-to-helmet collision.

Prior to his injury, Waddle had been a key contributor, tallying four receptions for 86 yards in the Dolphins’ Week 2 triumph over the Patriots. As a first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Waddle has made a strong start to this season, amassing eight receptions for 164 yards in two games.

Additionally, Waddle excelled by achieving over 1,000 receiving yards in his first two seasons, including a career-best 1,356 yards last season. He also recorded a career-high of eight touchdown receptions, showcasing his consistency and scoring ability.