In the NFL, Micah Parsons‘ career is nothing short of legendary. His debut season earned him the title of Defensive Rookie of the Year, and he followed it up with another impressive year, finishing second in Defensive Player of the Year voting for a second consecutive season. As he continues to excel, it’s becoming clear that he’s on a path to becoming the NFL’s highest-paid defender.

Nick Bosa recently inked a contract extension that reset the market for elite defenders, securing a jaw-dropping $34 million per year. Parsons was quick to offer his congratulations to Bosa, acknowledging his outstanding performance. Moreover, the player knows that on-field achievements ultimately dictate financial success.

“Super happy for Nick Bosa, man,” Parsons exclaimed. “He truly showcased why he was the league’s best player last year. It provides motivation for all of us, not just in terms of his contract but in terms of his greatness. If you study his mindset and how he patiently lets the game come to him.”

Micah Parsons’ Super Bowl Dream: Chasing Excellence Beyond Dollars

Parsons takes a public-friendly stance, focusing on chasing on-field excellence rather than dollar signs in 2023 and beyond. Regarding a potential future contract extension, Parsons maintains a laid-back attitude. “I don’t even think about that,” he said. “As I’ve mentioned, I truly enjoy the game. I love what I do. Let everyone else talk about it.”

Parsons’ primary focus isn’t on dollar signs; it’s on achieving a Lombardi Trophy. He understands that on-field success is paramount and knows that if he achieves his Super Bowl goal in 2023, accolades and financial rewards will naturally follow. “I’ve been sleeping on it. I’ve been dreaming about it,” Parsons shared. “Late at night, I just think Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl.

The Cowboys have been chasing Super Bowl glory for nearly 30 years, but Parsons can help them reach that pinnacle once again. “I know I’ve got to take each week as its own. Your preparation, work, and mindset—all of it leads to the Super Bowl. It doesn’t just happen by saying, ‘Hey, I want to go to the Super Bowl.'”