Running back Kareem Hunt looks to desire an early start on a contract since the Cleveland Browns have been stockpiling great running backs for some years now. According to, Hunt requested a long-term contract extension from the team’s owners.

His basic salary will be only $1.35 million, but the team’s salary cap will be $6.25 million because of the incentive. If this is the case, both he and the Browns will have to make a choice regarding his future.

In the absence of an agreement, it doesn’t seem like the 26-year-old will sit out training camp or the regular season. He was questioned about the matter by reporters during his minicamp media availability, and he was open and honest about the process.

What Kareem Hunt said about his future

“Right now, I’m just taking it day by day, man. I’m going to see what they want to do with me and I’m just taking it day by day. Hopefully I can be here long-term. We’ll see what God has in plan for me, that’s all I can say.”

“I was born and raised here. I’d love to finish my career here and just keep playing the game with (Nick) Chubb longer and with the great guys on this great team.”

Hunt told