Even though Aaron Rodgers signed a big contract deal with the Green Bay Packers in March, he is still contemplating retirement. The future Hall of Famer says that he often contemplates the possibility of retiring.

After the Packers moved up to choose quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, there were suspicions that Rodgers’ time in Green Bay would be finished. For the first time since 2008-09, Peyton Manning became the first back-to-back MVP in the National Football League since Rodgers in 2012-2013.

After that, he agreed to a new contract that would take him through to 2019. According to Rodgers, football is capable of becoming a lot, and his aims are evolving with time.

What Rodgers thinks about retiring from NFL

“I think about (retirement) all the time. And I resonate with what Tom [Brady] said about the mindset of 55-45 (percentage of wanting to play). When you commit, you’re 100%.

“The older you get, the interests change and the grind, I think, wears on you a little bit more, and the football part, that’s the easy part. That’s the joy,” Rodgers said. “It’s the other stuff that wears on you and makes you think about life after football. Tommy obviously set the bar so high with playing so many years, but I can definitely see the end coming.”

Aaron Rogers on his retirement plans