Seahawks coach Pete Carroll met with the media after Thursday’s practice to provide updates on, among many other things, the health of his squad as they prepare for a lengthy break before training camp begins.

In his first press conference since Chris Carson‘s neck injury necessitated neck surgery, head coach John Carroll addressed the running back’s long-term prospects. Due to Carson’s lack of practice clearance last month, he has been exempted from the Seahawks’ required minicamp this week.

Due to a neck injury that necessitated surgery, the 27-year-old running back has not been able to play since October 3. His football career is still in danger, as the Seahawks coach said on Thursday that the running back has not been cleared to return to practice.

What Pete Carroll said about Chris Carson

“We’re waiting. There’s a big assessment to be done about two weeks from now. The docs and the surgeons and all that will reconvene and see where he is and let us know.

“We’ll see what happens here. Just a whole lot of good hope. He’s worked really hard and really wants to come back and all of that, but I can’t tell you for certain at this point in time.”

Carroll told Brady Henderson of ESPN