It’s hard to tell what will happen to Baker Mayfield in the future, even if it seems like he won’t be part of the Cleveland Browns for much longer. However, transferring Mayfield has been hard thus far, despite the Browns making it plain what they wanted in Deshaun Watson.

Only a few teams haven’t already decided on a starting quarterback, and then there are the ones that don’t seem to be intrigued by the 27-year-old. For example, the Carolina Panthers seem to be out of the running.

In addition, even the Seattle Seahawks have now ruled out the prospect of obtaining Mayfield through trade, as head coach Pete Carroll was open and honest about the possibilities.

Mayfield unlikely to be traded to the Seahawks

“I’m not saying anything you didn’t think I was going to say, but fortunately that’s always been the way we’ve operated, and it fits again. So we’re looking. But, I don’t see us making a trade for anybody at all. I don’t see that happening”, Carroll told Sports Radio 93.3 KJR-FM.

This season, the Browns must pay Mayfield roughly $19 million in salary after taking up his fifth-year option with them. However, as things now stand, the front office may have little option than to pay him the full amount of his contract.