The Arizona Cardinals are the latest NFL side to unveil new uniforms this week, opting for a minimalist look with an increased focus on silver accents for their jerseys. The 2023 season will see the debut of a brand new uniform for the Arizona Cardinals, who wore the previous set for 18 years.

On April 20, less than a week before this year’s NFL Draft, the team debuted three new jerseys with a cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic. The Cardinals have joined the growing list of teams that have decided to forgo shoulder numbers in favor of simpler stripe patterns and logos.

More and more teams in the league are opting to update their uniforms for purely cosmetic reasons; 14 clubs debuted new helmet and jersey sets in the previous season alone. Take a look at the three organizations that would be ideal for the next major redesign, according to CBS Sports.

3. Tennessee Titans

In their current uniforms, the Titans don’t stand out too much. Their trademark pale blue color really has a great deal of promise. However, since the team’s name change to the Oilers and subsequent departure from Houston, they have toned down their own flash by using darker shades of blue and grey.

The result is a style that lacks the vibrancy of, for instance, the baby blue worn by celebrities like Warren Moon in the 1980s and 1990s.

2. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons unveiled their new jerseys for the 2020 season just after the Buccaneers did the same, but whereas Tampa Bay sensibly returned to a more popular throwback look, Atlanta went all in on Nike’s contemporary pattern.

The result is a bold “ATL” across the chest of the jerseys, an innovative idea that ultimately draws attention to how simplistically confusing the rest of their uniform is. From gradient alternates to blocky, shadowing numerals, the uniforms may be more annoying than attractive.

1. Washington Commanders

The Commanders are still getting acclimated to their new outfits after debuting them in 2022 when they changed their name from the Washington Football Team. Like the Falcons, the problem isn’t the colors themselves—burgundy and gold have long been considered as club mainstays—but how they’re presented.

The away uniforms of the Falcons appear exactly like those of a last-minute expansion club, with the shoulder numbers replaced by a complex color pattern and the huge “ATL” chest label replaced with a wordier “Commanders” ID.