Odell Beckham Jr. remains unsigned as the NFL season enters Week 5 because he is waiting to play again after tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl victory by the Rams against the Bengals. There has been much conjecture about where he would go now that he is still a free agent.

Nevertheless, it seems as if the wide receiver has already stated the five clubs he would love to deal with. On Thursday, former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Marcus Spears brought up the topic by saying that Beckham should join the Cowboys.

Fans of the Cowboys should rest easy, however, since Odell made it plain right away that he had no intention of joining their team. As a follow-up to their conversation, the 29-year-old challenged Spears to predict the five clubs the receiver is interested in joining.

The five possible destinations for Odell Beckham Jr.

Then Spears gave his list, to which Beckham said that Spears’s top five teams were spot on. . “We see eye to eye,” Beckham said on Twitter.

The Chiefs, Packers, Rams, Bills, and Ravens are the five teams. Nothing on this list comes as a major shock. Because of how their offense has performed during the first four games, the Rams have been lobbying for months to get Odell back.