Amidst a challenging season with a 6-5 record, the Seattle Seahawks find themselves grappling with playoff uncertainties. Despite Geno Smith’s assurance that his elbow wasn’t the root cause of recent offensive woes, lingering doubts surround the team’s overall efficiency.

In the recent clash against the San Francisco 49ers, Smith endured constant pressure from the defensive line, resulting in a staggering six sacks. The Seahawks faltered through their initial possessions, gaining momentum in the second half when they were already trailing.

While Smith expressed unwavering support for the team, exuding confidence in both players and coaches, he underscored the imperative of hard work and determination to reverse their fortunes. Acknowledging the talent on the roster, he commended the coaching staff’s capabilities.

Seahawks’ Struggling Offense Sparks Criticism Amidst Playoff Aspirations

With the offense enduring a 20-drive touchdown drought, criticism has been directed at offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Smith, however, staunchly defended Waldron, attributing the struggles to player execution rather than play-calling.

As the Seahawks gear up to face the Dallas Cowboys in Week 13, followed by a rematch with the 49ers and a pivotal clash with the Philadelphia Eagles, Smith emphasized the need for personal accountability and deriving lessons from recent losses.

Smith remains cautiously optimistic about a potential turnaround, stressing the importance of maintaining confidence and trusting the process. The upcoming weeks will prove pivotal for the Seahawks as they endeavor to address issues and secure a coveted spot in the postseason.