As NFL teams gear up for their Week 5 matchups, one offensive juggernaut has defensive coordinators losing sleep. The Miami Dolphins, under the guidance of offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel, have been nothing short of sensational this season, keeping opposing defenses up at night – quite literally.

Don “Wink” Martindale shed light on the difficulties of game-planning against Miami’s high-octane offense, known for its lightning-fast pace and efficiency. He recently provided personal insight into the challenges of preparing for the Dolphins. In a somewhat humorous tone, he recounted a conversation with his wife.

The defensive coordinator for the New York Giants told reporters: “My wife called me last night before she went to bed. She said she was worried about me. She said, ‘Are you getting any sleep?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m sleeping like a baby. Every two hours I wake up and cry and go to the bathroom and try to go back and get some more sleep.'”

Miami Dolphins’ Supersonic Offense Leaves Defensive Coordinators in Awe

The Dolphins have left defensive coordinators across the league scratching their heads. After putting up a staggering 70 points against the Broncos, they had Denver’s defensive coordinator, Vance Joseph, questioning his job security.

Martindale emphasized that the Dolphins’ offensive speed is unlike anything he’s seen in recent years. He likened it to the supersonic style of the now-legendary “Greatest Show on Turf,” albeit even faster.

Miami has amassed the most total yards (2,044) through a team’s first four games in NFL history. They lead the league in points per game (37.5), total yards per game (511), and passing yards per game (334.3).