There has never been a better time to be a hitter in the Major League Baseball (MLB). In recent years, several sluggers have redesigned their swings to maximize their ability to score runs. Six of the seven greatest home runs-per-game rates occurred between 2016 and 2021.

There are more home runs now than there were throughout the steroid era. They went to the wrong spot if they were looking for a fast-paced, low-scoring pitching battle. The nonstop offensive play kept the crowds enthralled.

Even before video games were invented, the box scores depict extravagant stat lines that would have looked out of place in a video game. Two long-running National League teams competed in the sport’s two craziest shootouts, despite the fact that some of the franchises no longer exist (at least not in the same city).

MLB’s highest scoring game in history

The highest-scoring MLB game of all time is almost a century in the past to August 25, 1922, when the Chicago Cubs beat the Philadelphia Phillies 26-23.

After seven innings, the Cubs led 26-9, but the Phillies came within one run of an incredible comeback scoring 14 runs in the final two innings. For the first time in MLB history, two teams scored more than 20 runs in the same regular-season game at the same stadium.