Growing up, young athletes often find success in more than one sport. While some want to make it to the NBA, others have their sights set on the MLB. Some people compete in track meets because they want to emulate the greatness of NFL players.

There are instances when athletes disregard their likely position or compensation and seek a career in the sport they love the most. Some people are simply motivated by financial gain or the chance to excel in a particular activity.

Regardless, it’s easy to wonder whether those athletes wouldn’t have been just as successful, if not better if they had taken a different career route. Therefore, we will inform you about three NBA greats who, in retrospect, perhaps would have been as successful in the NFL.

3. John Havlicek

John Havlicek, a superstar for the Boston Celtics, was an All-Star in baseball, football, and basketball during his formative years. It’s true that he was picked up in both the NFL and NBA drafts.

The good news for basketball fans is that the renowned guard/forward opted to take his skills to the floor, where he won eight NBA titles, appeared in thirteen All-Star Games and was named Finals MVP once.

2. Allen Iverson

All-Star guard Allen Iverson once said that football was his true passion, surpassing even his beloved sport of basketball. He even said he was better at football than basketball, which, when you see the clips, doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

The legendary Philadelphia 76ers player could also play quarterback, kick returner, and defense. Iverson had 21 interceptions throughout his high school career, including a record-tying 5 in a single game because of his exceptional quickness. In addition, he guided his teams to victories at the state level.

1. LeBron James

LeBron James wasn’t only inflicting devastation on football before he became the most anticipated basketball prospect of all time. Two times he was named to the All-State team, and he also established several records while playing wide receiver and quarterback.

James, who had a similar build to Calvin Johnson, would have had a terrific NFL career. As a football player, he attracted attention from many schools, including Miami, Notre Dame, Alabama, and Ohio State.