Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report believes that Zach LaVine will most likely re-sign with the Chicago Bulls, despite speculations that he wants to speak to other clubs in free agency. A new five-year contract for an estimated $200 million is set to be signed by LaVine, says Fischer.

He also points out that the only big issue that has to be resolved is how the last year of the contract will be handled. Alternatively, LaVine might be given the choice of whether or not he wants to participate in the deal.

As predicted, LaVine is likely to be contacted by the Trail Blazers, Spurs, Hawks, and Lakers. However, Fischer does not feel any club will be able to provide him with a better environment than he currently has in Chicago.

Zach LaVine to remain in Chicago for five more years

“Two-time All-Star Zach LaVine is expected to re-sign with the Chicago Bulls once the free-agency negotiation period opens June 30, sources told B/R. LaVine’s free agency has generated plenty of conversation among NBA personnel over the past few weeks.

“But despite rumblings that the Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers will make plays for LaVine, the coveted swingman is likely to remain with his current team.

“Ironing out LaVine’s next deal appears centered on the fifth year of the contract. LaVine is eligible for a five-year deal totaling roughly $200 million. Whether that season is fully guaranteed, is a player option or nets other potential outcomes remains to be seen.”

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report