Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Bojan Bogdanovic and the Detroit Pistons have reached a two-year, $39.1 million contract agreement. Once a member of the Utah Jazz, the veteran forward is currently obligated to the Detroit Pistons until the 2024-25 season at a salary of $19.5 million.

It is also said that Pistons GM Troy Weaver acquired the 33-year-old with the hope of extending his contract. In acquiring Bogdanovic, the Pistons were aiming to strengthen their playoff chances for this year.

Their record in this regard is not promising at 1-5. However, Bogdanovic has lived up to his half of the deal by playing effectively and providing valuable developmental help.

Bojan Bogdanovic to remain in Detroit until 2025

Bogdanovic has proven to be an invaluable floor-spacing asset for a Pistons team that is still young and in the process of rebuilding. After six games this season, he is averaging 23 points per game on 51.7% shooting from the field.

After playing for Indiana, Washington, and Brooklyn, Bogdanovic was a crucial member of the Jazz’s Western Conference playoff teams for the previous three years. Over the course of 609 games, he has averaged 15.1 points per match.