Shooting guard is one of the most visible positions in the NBA. The NBA has seen some of its most prolific scorers—including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, to name just two—emerge from the double-guard position.

The greatest shooting guards in NBA history have won several awards, both individually and as a team. Considering that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant hold the records for the greatest-ever perimeter scores, it stands to reason that the arena would be quite well-known to basketball fans.

There is a lot of enthusiasm among basketball fans all around the globe since players like Jerry West and Dwyane Wade have won several honors and championships. In the future, it will be even more difficult to evaluate players due to the ever-evolving nature of the league. These are the three best shooting guards in the NBA right now, as per

3. Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell is gifted at finding ways to get an edge on the offensive side of the ball. His pull-up 3-point shooting is a difficult ability to discover, and he can’t be defended in a one-on-one situation. He will thrive in Cleveland, where he can put more of his energy into scoring and let Darius Garland handle the team’s offense.

There is room for improvement on defense, even if he has the physical attributes and draft position to become a solid defender.

2. Jaylen Brown

Brown had a fantastic postseason, proving he was capable of a higher volume of shot creation than was previously believed and making all but one of his three-point attempts. His two-way prowess was crucial to the Celtics’ 2022 NBA Finals run. In order to climb in the ranks, he should tighten up that slack grip.

1. Devin Booker

Last year, Booker made his first All-NBA team and finished fourth in MVP voting. The criticisms based on meaningless statistics that have followed him his whole career have faded, and now his greatness can’t be denied. Incredible scorer and one of the league’s finest in the clutch, he was a standout performer in the last minutes of games last season.