When the Philadelphia 76ers acquired James Harden in a blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets, it made perfect sense. Not only they were landing a star partner for Joel Embiid, but they were also parting ways with Ben Simmons.

At the beginning, it looked like The Beard was proving them right. In his first games as a Sixer, he posted solid numbers and found chemistry with Embiid. But even then, people wondered for how long he’d keep that level.

One of the biggest stains in Harden’s career is his failure to produce when it matters the most. This season was not the exception, as his performance in the final stretch of the regular season and the playoffs left a lot to be desired. Many people now wonder whether Harden will ever get back to his best form in Philly. According to NBA legend Tracy McGrady, he can. But he’ll have to be 100% committed for it.

Tracy McGrady explains how James Harden can find the best version of himself again

To make basketball number one priority,” McGrady said on the Rich Eisen Show, via Fadeaway World. “Make winning number one priority. Make 76ers number one priority. You’re playing with an MVP-caliber guy in Joel Embiid – who I think has changed his mind-frame on how he’s approaching the game now, how he sees the game – and he wants to win.

I think if James can be that solid 20-and-10 type guy that contributes every night for the Sixers, they will be there in the conversation as one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Even though some people believe the Sixers should give up on him, there are signs pointing towards a short-term contract extension this offseason. Will Harden prove his doubters wrong? That’s still up to him, but he’s running out of time to do so.