The Dallas Mavericks have known for some time they have a gem in their hands in Luka Doncic. Last season, the Slovenian star put all the doubts to rest and confirm how far he can take this team.

The Mavs may have not won the title, but their trip to the NBA Finals was remarkable regardless. Therefore, it will be hard to ask fans to lower their expectations when they have such a talent on their side.

Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd understands those championship aspirations, but he made something clear to all fans: Doncic may have what it takes to lead the team to a title one day, but they’ll probably have to wait for it.

Jason Kidd says a championship team cannot be built overnight

“Luka is the start and finish for us,” Kidd said, via Mavs insider Landon Thomas. “He did a great job for us all season and the big thing is for us to build on that. I know expectations are going to be high with Luka but again, we want to build a championship team and it just doesn’t happen overnight.”

Kidd knows a thing or two about this matter, so it would be wise to listen him. Luka can do incredible things, but he still needs help to take this team to the promised land. Building around him will probably take a bit longer.