As per Shams Charania of The Athletic, Keldon Johnson has signed a four-year $80 million contract deal with the San Antonio Spurs. The 22-year-old has led the club in scoring and rebounding last season with an average of 17.0 points per game.

For the first two years of his career in the 2-1-0, Johnson struggled to make consistent three-pointers, making only 39.8% of his 5.3 tries per game. Dejounte Murray, the team’s All-Star point guard, was traded by PATFO a few weeks ago, and Johnson is expected to step in as the team’s default go-to option.

With the 29th overall choice in the 2019 NBA Draft, the Spurs picked Keldon Johnson of the University of Texas at Arlington. Because of his fast development, this contract might be a steal for a player of his caliber.

Keldon Johnson to remain in San Antonio until 2026

In order to determine whether or not Johnson can serve as a solid cornerstone for the team’s long-term success, the team are expected to give him the green light this season.

Because they believe his worth would rise if he performs well in the next season, they decided to sign him now. At the very least, they’ve laid the foundation for the foreseeable future with this achievement.