Succeeding in any sport has always been the most challenging goal for all athletes. For some it was less difficult than for others, but it was never easy regardless.

Even for the all-time greats in NBA it required a lot of effort, hard work, and sometimes a bit of luck besides their natural talent. The game has changed in recent years, but many would agree that succeeding nowadays is as difficult as ever.

Scottie Pippen, however, may disagree. During the NBA Summer League game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets, the Chicago Bulls legend said that succeeding in the modern NBA is tougher than it was in his era.

Scottie Pippen says is tougher to succeed in this NBA era

“I would say yes. I think that watching these players, the stamina, just the pace of the game. This is a tough game. I mean to keep up with this pace – and you’ve got to be able to make shots. If you’re not making shots, you’ll be sitting over there with the coach. I think this is a tougher era to be successful because you need to be able to shoot the basketball. Bottom line. There’s guys that can get to the hole and create opportunities. But the guys that can shoot the basketball from range are much more valuable in today’s game,” Pippen said, via Fadeaway World.

Shooting the ball became a much more important part of the game than it was back in the day. That doesn’t mean that succeeding was easier before, it’s just a big change that rules in NBA nowadays. However, the iconic Bulls team Pippen was part of would probably find their way to glory regardless of the era.