The San Francisco 49ers took down the reigning Super Bowl champions on Monday night to get back to winning ways. The Niners pulled off a 24-9 home win to make their record 2-2.

It’s not like the hosts needed extra motivation to get the win, given that they were on a losing record prior to the game. However, Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle revealed that Kyle Shanahan found a way to lit a fire beneath them.

The 49ers head coach made the team rewatch last season’s NFC Championship game, in which they lost to the Rams. According to Garoppolo and Kittle, that worked.

Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle reveal Kyle Shanahan’s way to give them extra motivation vs. Rams

Just watching that film, you feel the emotions … Just watching the film, it’s silent, but you can take yourself back to that spot and put yourself in that emotional state you were in. I think that’s good for competitors; I really do. After last week, too, it gave us a little motivation,” Garoppolo said, via 49ers Webzone.

“Just rewatching it this week definitely adds a little fuel to the fire. They’re out there talking a little bit of smack about it, and you’re like, ‘Last year is last year. We’re just going to do our best to give it to you this year,” Kittle said.