Jerry Jeudy, coming off an exceptional 2022 season with career highs in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns, is now having a slow start in 2023. He missed the season opener due to a hamstring injury and has only managed 20 catches for 222 yards and no touchdowns in five games.

However, Jeudy emphasizes that his value goes beyond statistics, underscoring his exceptional route-running skills as an asset to the team. In a recent game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos put up a fight but lost 19-8.

Jeudy had a relatively quiet night, with only three catches for 14 yards. The frustration of losing is evident, as Jeudy noted, “Losing is the worst possible thing that can happen. That’s really frustrating.”

Jeudy’s Contract Extension and Commitment Amid Trade Rumors

Despite the challenging season, the Broncos extended Jeudy’s contract by picking up his fifth-year option, securing him a significant sum in 2024. This decision was based on Jeudy’s strong finish in the 2022 season, where he recorded 523 yards and three touchdowns in the final five games.

Understanding the weight of high expectations as a first-round pick, Jeudy acknowledges the difficulties of meeting those standards amid team struggles. However, he remains committed to doing his best, emphasizing that he can only control what’s within his power.

Trade rumors involving Jerry Jeudy emerged during the offseason, and with the NFL’s October 31 trade deadline approaching, such discussions may resurface. He expresses a determination to continue being the player he knows he can be, regardless of the outcome of trade talks.