When the NFL season culminates in the Super Bowl, the most important player of the game is honored with the Most Valuable Player Award or Super Bowl MVP. A panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters and, beginning in 2001, computerized fan voting have determined the victor. Votes cast by the media panel account for 80% of the final result, while audience votes account for 20%.

Since the first game was played in 1967, this award has been presented yearly to the best player. SPORT magazine handed out the prize up until 1989. Bart Starr won the Most Valuable Player award in the first pair of Super Bowls. The NFL has since given out the trophy annually starting from 1990.

Cooper Kupp, a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, was named the most recent Super Bowl MVP winner after Super Bowl LVI on February 13, 2022. The only player in Super Bowl history to win MVP five times is Tom Brady, four with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How much money does the Super Bowl MVP winner get?

When it comes to the Super Bowl MVP, the NFL does not reward the player with a cash prize. However, the player who wins it might get a substantial bonus payment provided he meets the requirements of a certain condition in his contract. In that light, everyone who turns in a stellar performance may be in line for a substantial bonus.

In addition to being recognized as the game’s MVP, the Super Bowl MVP is awarded the Pete Rozelle trophy. In recent years, the MVP has also received a brand-new automobile courtesy of the team’s sponsors.

Super Bowl MVPs are also often treated to a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In recent decades, it has been customary for the Super Bowl MVP to visit Disney World to participate as a special guest in a procession around Magic Kingdom. When the Most Valuable Player (MVP) opts out of attending an award ceremony, another player from the victorious team often takes his place.