Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle didn’t go as expected. While many thought he would emerge victorious in his first game since being traded to Denver, it was Geno Smith who gave his side the win.

The Broncos failed to control the Seahawks quarterback and struggled to get things going offensively. The worst part of the night, however, came late in the fourth quarter. Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett made a controversial call by sending kicker Brandon McManus to the field to attempt a 64-yard field goal in 4th and five.

McManus missed the kick, and many wondered what could have been if Wilson was given the chance to go for it. The quarterback, however, showed support for his coach and McManus after the loss.

Russell Wilson supports Broncos’ decision to attempt late field goal

“Well, we got the best field goal kicker maybe in the game,” Wilson said, via ProFootballTalk. “We said, ‘Where can you make it from tonight?’ and he said 46, left hash. I think we were on the 46. That was before the drive. We got it there; unfortunately didn’t go in.

“I think he has the leg for it for sure. Just went a little left I believe and just — I believe in Coach Hackett. I believe in what we’re doing. Believe in everything, and any time you can try to find a way to make a play on fourth and five, that’s great too. Also, I don’t think it was the wrong decision. I think he can make it. Obviously hindsight he didn’t make it, but we were in that situation again I wouldn’t doubt whatever he decided.”