The Kansas City Chiefs have won the NFL championship for 2022. The rush to surpass the Chiefs has already started, even if free agency doesn’t begin until March 15.

Clubs are making plans for the upcoming free agency and draft in order to improve their rosters and make a run at the playoffs. This being the case, let’s discuss the best free-agent options currently available, as per CBS Sports.

Beginning with the offense, where there may not be any superstars available. However, there will be plenty of skill that can help teams improve their efficiency and explosiveness.

3. Derek Carr

Derek Carr won’t carry an offense on his shoulders and often looks poor when under duress. Yet with a solid supporting cast, Carr can be an above-average quarterback. After signing an agreement with the Vikings last year, Kirk Cousins was paid $35 million in 2018 and is set to earn $36.2 million in salary and incentives in 2023. A transaction like that may be in Carr’s sights.

2. Daniel Jones

When new general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll took over the Giants last summer, they decided not to pick up Jones’ fifth-year option. They must now decide whether to utilize the franchise tag on Jones, sign him to a lengthy deal, or let him leave.

It’s fair to say that the Giants’ passing game sputtered due in part to their lack of quality receivers. Jones was given a manageable workload. His average throw was completed at the NFL’s lowest distance, 6.3 yards. Instead, the Giants decided to give Jones a chance as running back, and the result was a career-high 708 yards for him.

1. Lamar Jackson

Jackson, at the age of 26, already has an MVP award to his name. With him as a quarterback, the Ravens are 45-16 in the regular season. According to ESPN’s report, Jackson wants a fully guaranteed contract similar to the one Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson signed with the team last year, but the Ravens are reluctant to give him that much money.

It can be shown using data that Jackson’s offense relies heavily on one player. During the previous three years, the Ravens’ offense has been sixth in the NFL in projected points added per play whenever he has played. The Ravens’ offense has struggled mightily without Jackson and now sits at #31 in the league.