To suggest that Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t a major player in the NFL would be an understatement. A counterargument may be that the San Francisco 49ers‘ quarterback isn’t the worst option.

In either case, the Niners will have to choose between Trey Lance and Brock Purdy for the next season. The likelihood of the 31-year-old’s return to the Bay Area is low given their desire to trade him.

Having eliminated one of Jimmy Garoppolo’s prospective destinations, we can focus on the other three teams that would be the best fit for him at this stage in his career.

3. New York Jets

Speculation about a possible deal between Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets has been rife for some time. If they are unable to get the Green Bay Packers’ superstar via a trade, they have Derek Carr in mind as a backup plan.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from looking back through time, it’s that the Jets seldom succeed in getting what they want. If that happens again this summer, they may have to consider Jimmy Garoppolo as an option.

2. New England Patriots

Reports indicate that the New England Patriots are beginning to have doubts about Mac Jones’ viability as the team’s starting quarterback. During his sophomore year, he took a step backward and was even taken off the field for a game.

Coach Belichick has always spoken highly of Jimmy G. It’s worth noting that he reportedly wanted to sell Tom Brady to the 49ers in order to retain Jimmy Garoppolo, so he may end up back with the Patriots in some capacity.

1. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers might need a new quarterback as Sam Darnold enters the last year of his contract. When Darnold was cut and then reinstated to the starting lineup last year, nothing is set in stone.

It’s clear that Matt Corral isn’t quite ready to take charge, so Frank Reich will have to weigh his alternatives. As such, Garoppolo might serve as a suitable fill-in for the next season or two.