Many people expected Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson to dominate the 2023 NFL Combine, and they were right. After running a 4.43-second 40-yard sprint, he also jumped 40.5″ vertically and 10’9″ horizontally, all of which put him in the top spot among quarterbacks.

The 21-year-old’s 40-yard sprint performance at the NFL Combine was the second-fastest mark for a first-round quarterback at the Combine since 2006, according to ESPN. This quarterback also set a record for the NFL Combine broad jump with a leap of 10 feet, 9 inches. As a result of his dominant performance, Richardson’s draft value has skyrocketed, and he now has a legitimate shot at being selected first overall next month.

Even though Richardson has already shown to be one of the most fascinating players in this class, what position in the NFL would he be most suited for? It’s safe to say he’s a green quarterback, but should he rest for a year or is he ready to start on Day 1? CBS Sports have suggested the top three destinations that would be the best matches for Richardson.

3. Detroit Lions

As Dan Campbell took over as head coach, the Lions finally had a winning record for the first time since 2017. Similarly, Detroit is on the upswing after almost qualifying for the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Although Jared Goff has Campbell’s approval, he is not the long-term solution for the quarterback situation. Richardson can sit back and learn from the experienced quarterback and offensive coordinator Ben Johnson before taking over for Williams and Jameson in a couple of years.

2. Minnesota Vikings

Even though it’s very doubtful, Richardson’s best landing location would be with the Vikings. To begin with, Kevin O’Connell is a youthful, offensively-minded head coach who has already had a significant impact in the NFL.

Included on the Vikings’ roster are the outstanding running back Dalvin Cook and the NFL’s top wide receiver, Justin Jefferson. Richardson could back up Kirk Cousins and maybe take over for him in a smooth transition.

1. New York Giants

According to rumors, Daniel Jones wants an annual salary of at least $45 million. What about franchise-tagging Jones and selecting a quarterback with even greater athleticism, someone like Josh Allen, who played quarterback at Wyoming? The work that Brian Daboll accomplished in Buffalo with Allen was on full display for everybody to see.

Putting Richardson in New York with the current NFL Coach of the Year would be the ideal fit for him. In considering where Richardson should settle, the most crucial factor is in how he can best further his development.