It’s no secret that the tallest players in the NFL today are making full use of their physical advantages in a game that rewards size and power over speed and finesse. Being tall is a significant asset for these players, whether they are enormous tight ends going over the top in the center of the field or long-armed linemen who restart the offense.

To succeed in the National Football League, physical size and strength are prerequisites. The league’s tallest and heaviest players, who are seldom featured in highlight reels, really perform the bulk of the dirty labor while the quarterbacks and wideouts get all the credit.

When it comes to scoring, many of the league’s best players are the ones who line up in front of the defense or offense and absorb the brunt of the blows. These are the top five NFL’s tallest players, including rookies and seasoned pros alike.

5. Calais Campbell: 6′ 8″

The rugged defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens has been named to the Pro Bowl six times in his career. Throughout his 15 years as a professional, Campbell has recorded 99 sacks.

4. Orlando Brown Jr: 6′ 8″

Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver and four-time Pro Bowl selection Orlando Brown Jr. Brown began his professional career in Baltimore, but he is presently an offensive lineman with the defending champions.

3. Caleb Jones: 6′ 9″

Despite being a formidable 370 pounds, the Packers offensive lineman never played a single down in the NFL this season.

2. Demar Dotson: 6′ 9″

Formerly a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, experienced offensive lineman Demar Dotson is now a free agent. Dotson left the Denver Broncos for good.

1. Dan Skipper: 6′ 10″

Currently, the NFL’s tallest player is the offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions. Skipper has been in the NFL for seven years and has played for the Lions three times. He has also played for the LA Raiders and the Houston Texans.