When one talks about the greatest duos of all time, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry will probably come to mind. The Splash Brothers have won three rings together and are on pace to win another one this year.

The Warriors‘ successes in recent years couldn’t be explained without them, two of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen. However, some people blame them for changing the game.

While the Dubs‘ duo has millions of admirers, other basketball fans preferred the old school basketball. But for Klay, his and Steph‘s way of playing could be seen as something good for the league.

Klay Thompson disagrees with claims that say he and Stephen Curry ‘ruined’ basketball

Bombing away from three like we do kinda flipped the basketball world upside down,” Thompson told Malika Andrews of ESPN, “and I think we’re seeing that at all levels of basketball now, which a lot of people say it’s ruined the game, but I think it kinda just been an innovative aspect of the game, to be honest.

Some people may not like the fact that Thompson and Curry sparked a three-point revolution in the league. But that way of playing has certainly paid off for them, so they have no reasons to question it.