In the wake of a disappointing season for both, the Nets and Lakers are among the teams to watch this offseason. In fact, in the last few weeks they were heavily linked over a potential blockbuster trade.

With Kyrie Irving’s future in Brooklyn unclear, the possibility of a reunion with LeBron James in Los Angeles is one of the biggest storylines heading into training camp. Kyrie picked up his player option for this season, but he could be on the move regardless.

Irving missed much of last season due to his anti-vaxx stance, and even when he came back, the Nets still suffered a first-round elimination. However, according to Marc Stein, they’re not interested in moving him for draft picks, as the Lakers intend.

NBA Trade Rumors: Nets would only move Irving for ‘win-now’ players in return

(Via Fadeaway World)

“As previously reported here regarding the Lakers’ recent trade talks with Indiana, they did not show a willingness to make both picks available in proposals exchanged with the Pacers to potentially bring Buddy Hield and Myles Turner to L.A. The implication there is that adding Turner and Hield is not believed to be sufficient to vault the Lakers back into the title mix.

Yet sources say that the prospect of acquiring a focused Irving, or a similarly splashy acquisition, does still hold that kind of appeal to the Lakers even at the costly price. Sources confirm that they would be willing to surrender both firsts in tandem with Westbrook’s $47.1 million expiring contract to acquire Irving (although it’s unclear if the picks would be unprotected or protected).

I’m told, however, that the Nets have steadfastly rejected that pitch.

The Nets’ current stance, sources say, is that they are unwilling to send out Irving in a trade if the deal solely brings back future assets. They apparently want win-now talent in return to part with Irving, despite all of the turmoil that has engulfed the Nets for months.”

The best deal the Lakers could offer would include Russell Westbrook and two first rounders, but that may not be enough for the Nets. However, it’s hard to imagine they’ll get a better deal than that.