Even though it was clear that investing ridiculous quantities of money on Bradley Beal would never lead to an NBA title, the Washington Wizards persisted in doing so for years.

Evidently, Beal accepted the money each time, demonstrating his continued dedication to the company. This is the most foreseen outcome in recent NBA history, with both teams now being forced to work together.

Now that they’re ready to trade him, we’ll examine the three teams with the highest chance of landing the three-time All-Star, Miami Heat included.

3. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat will compete for any and all top free-agent players, and Bradley Beal is no exception. Furthermore, he had previous connections to them.

He would be a significant improvement over Max Strus and would provide the Heat with the kind of three-level scorer they so desperately need.

2. New York Knicks

Some believe that the New York Knicks are keeping an eye on Beal. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given their longstanding interest in any and all All-Stars who are speculated to be leaving their current teams.

It’s best for the Knicks if they continue to miss out on such guys. Despite Beal’s talent, the team would have to give up too much to get an elderly star earning almost $60 million a year at age 33.

1. Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are the penultimate team on the list, and some experts think they should be the frontrunner because of their close friendship with Joel Embiid.

There’s reason to suppose that the Sixers will be interested in him again because they allegedly had a deal in place to trade for him instead of James Harden before Harden’s hand injury.