Chris Paul was once widely regarded as one of the league’s top point guards. And although he still has that distinction if we speak about the league’s history, the Phoenix Suns realized that wasn’t the case recently.

In light of this, the difficult decision was taken to release the former superstar, bringing an end to his illustrious run in the Valley of the Sun. Last season he was plagued by injuries, and his scoring explosions became more rare.

Still, many clubs in the league are in need of a point guard. There’s no reason to doubt that he can continue his successful mentoring role beyond his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Keeping that in mind, we examine the top three locations that may accommodate him.

3. Miami Heat

It was almost completed this season, but Pat Riley’s lack of alertness prevented the Miami Heat from trading Kyle Lowry. They need a new point guard and Chris Paul is still a top player despite his advanced age.

Paul is a great match for Erik Spoelstra and Heat Culture, but he may not be the answer in the long run. He’s a defender and the sort of pass-first facilitator that will help them reach new heights in the offensive department.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

When it comes to getting what he needs, LeBron James generally doesn’t have to wait. One of his closest buddies is a point guard who is now a free agent and is being pursued by the Los Angeles Lakers.

D’Angelo Russell’s time in Los Angeles was a failure, and rumor has it that LeBron James doesn’t like him very much. They have one last shot at a championship if they join forces with CP3.

1. Chicago Bulls

Time is of the essence for the Chicago Bulls. After a promising start to Arturas Karnisovas’ tenure, the club has been disorganized for the better part of a year. They’re lost, yet they have no interest in starting again.

With Lonzo Ball possibly retiring from professional basketball, the team has a major gaping vacuum at the point guard position. In their desperation, they may even attempt to buy out an aged Chris Paul if the deal doesn’t work out.