The Golden State Warriors will do everything in their power to re-sign Draymond Green. Without him, they have almost little chance of winning the NBA title this season.

It is anticipated that Green will return to the Bay Area. He may return to the franchise that drafted him after signing a three- or four-year contract for $100 million to $120 million.

But suppose that isn’t the situation. He is a free agent with several suitors and may choose to sign with anybody he pleases. In light of this, we will discuss three potential stops should he decide to leave the Warriors.

3. Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are making every effort to surround star point guard Damian Lillard with equally talented teammates. They need a tough interior defender, and his exceptional playmaking skills might propel him to the next level.

The Warriors might benefit from a sign-and-trade involving Green, who would provide the Blazers with two seasoned players and some valuable assets in exchange.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Never count out the Los Angeles Lakers, as they will never stop trying to sign the best players in the league. In a similar vein, a sign-and-trade would be necessary to finalize the transaction.

What the Lakers might give the Warriors beyond that first-round selection or D’Angelo Russell, who has already struggled in the Bay Area, is uncertain. Green is represented by the same agency as LeBron James and Anthony Davis, thus his prospects are high.

1. Miami Heat

It has been said that Pat Riley is putting in extra hours in his pursuit of a new superstar. The Miami Heat have previously come close to winning an NBA title too many times and need one more player to finally break through.

They’re watching Damian Lillard, but if they don’t land him, they could go after Draymond Green, a tough leader who would mesh well with their current roster and Jimmy Butler.