As defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors started the new season as favorites. However, even with Stephen Curry’s stellar performance once again, the Warriors still fell short.

As a result of the strength of the rest of the Western Conference, the Warriors are no longer the top team in the league. In preparation for the next season, they must evaluate their current team and begin making difficult choices.

Now that they’re said to be contemplating cutting ties with Jordan Poole and others, here are three players they should try to get through free agency or trade.

3. Justise Winslow

The Warriors have had a lot of success in the past by reviving dormant careers, and although Justise Winslow never developed into the two-way star some had hoped for, there is no reason to give up hope.

Winslow is leaving the Portland Trail Blazers and will be a free agent because of his health problems. He would enable them to trade Jonathan Kuminga for a top player while gaining another versatile defender and athletic wing at a significant price.

2. Dorian Finney-Smith

If they need a new wing defender, the Warriors could go to the Brooklyn Nets. It’s possible that they won’t want to retain him as they want to get a larger name or younger players, so he might be part of a trade deal to the Bay Area.

Among league defenders, Dorian Finney-Smith is one of the most underappreciated players. Donte DiVincenzo, who has a player option for next season, is a guy to keep an eye on since his departure from the Warriors would be significant.

1. OG Anunoby

The Warriors would have achieved their greatest off-season success if they had been able to sign OG Anunoby. He is a player they can use to win now and one they can build around to continue their success when their key winners have retired.

Anunoby is a top-tier defender and all-around talent who is beginning to emerge as an attacking threat in the league. Because of his intelligence and skill in the field, he will fit in well with this group.