There’s a chance that the Golden State Warriors may come to regret the massive deal they awarded Jordan Poole. They paid him quickly after the NBA Finals, and it doesn’t seem like they’re really pleased with him at the moment.

In addition to his fight with Draymond Green, before the season started, Poole’s body language and theatrics during the playoffs were a huge discussion topic. It’s possible the veterans don’t like him all that much.

Perhaps Poole would be better off playing for another club, especially given his desire for a larger role under Steve Kerr. Bleacher Report’s Eric Pinus suggests the D-Backs could be “motivated” to trade him, so we’ll consider three possible destinations for him.

3. Washington Wizards

The general manager of the Golden State Warriors, Bob Myers, reportedly has interest from the Washington Wizards. It would be quite simple for Poole to get to the nation’s capital.

The Warriors could use some more depth and talent like Kyle Kuzma, and they could sign Kuzma to an extension to match the Lakers’ money. The Wizards would have a reliable scoring option to complement Bradley Beal, who is prone to injuries.

2. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks took a huge chance on Kyrie Irving’s rental services. Not a good result, but with the whole summer ahead of them, they have a chance to try again by bolstering their defensive options.

Poole’s off-ball skills would flourish next to Luka Doncic, while their defense would grow even worse.

1. Brooklyn Nets

Due to their outstanding draft selection obligations to the Houston Rockets from the James Harden deal, the Brooklyn Nets have little motivation to tank the next season. As a result, they could try to improve and recruit more young players.

Poole would be a good match for them and would go in as their leading scorer straight immediately. In exchange for Cam Johnson and maybe a lottery pick, the Warriors could employ Mikal Bridges, who can make up for his horrible defense.