The NBA is full of unexpected twists and turns. Even Draymond Green, who has alluded to leaving the Golden State Warriors in the past, may be traded at any time.

Since Green assumed the starting PF role for the Warriors, he has been an integral component of the team’s historic run of success. Some others believe he’s overstayed his welcome since he’s been at the center of so many controversies.

Whatever the case may be, and despite his lack of scoring prowess, Green should get a great deal of interest from teams throughout the league. In light of this, here are three potential suitors for the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

3. Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers have a choice to make: whether to blow up the current squad and start over by trading star point guard Damian Lillard or to give the current group one more shot. If the latter is the case, then acquiring Draymond is an obvious move.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Green did not join the Portland Trail Blazers. Therefore, it appears like a good time for both parties to try to move on from one another.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

That Draymond Green, forward for the Golden State Warriors, is a huge admirer of LeBron James is common knowledge at this time. After years of supporting one other in the media, Green and James have turned their formerly heated on-court competition into a solid relationship.

In the same way that Rich Paul and Klutch Sports represent LeBron and Anthony Davis, they also represent Green. Both LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers are notorious talent magnets. The opportunity to realize his ambitions should not be wasted.

1. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks will never be able to break through until they improve their defense and tenacity. Draymond Green satisfies all requirements and would be a tremendous asset to the Warriors’ playoff hopes.

Without another ball-handler—one of Green’s strengths—Luka Doncic cannot single-handedly lead this club far into the playoffs, regardless of whether Kyrie Irving is on the squad or not. With Jason Kidd at the helm, he might contribute to a winning culture.