Once again, the Philadelphia 76ers came up short. The squad, led by Joel Embiid, had one of the strongest squads in the NBA this year, but they were eliminated in the Eastern Conference Playoffs for the third straight year.

The Sixers have failed to advance to the next round for the fourth time in the last five seasons. They couldn’t get over the hump while Brett Brown was coaching them, and Doc Rivers didn’t help much either.

It’s possible that James Harden may choose a new team for next season now that the season is over and he has the option to forego the last year of his contract. We’ll talk about the three most logical squads here.

3. Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic struggled this year, as seen by their losing record. However, they have a promising young core and are said to be on the lookout for an experienced guard to aid in playmaking.

As a shooting guard who can also run the point, Harden may be useful to the Magic in their quest to play more jumbo lineups. They’re well-armed, young, and financially secure.

2. Philadelphia 76ers

Harden, according to the rumor mill, was unhappy playing under coach Doc Rivers. Since Daryl Morey has, predictably, picked him above the coach, he may think twice about leaving the company.

The Philadelphia 76ers were dominant throughout the regular season, and he and Joel Embiid clearly clicked. Next year he might try his luck in free agency after taking the ball back.

1. Houston Rockets

Despite the controversial circumstances surrounding his departure, the Houston Rockets have allegedly shown interest in re-signing Harden. On the other hand, he reportedly wants to make amends with the franchise that helped him to legendary status.

The Rockets won’t be ready to contend right away, but they have a talented group of players, a good head coach, and plenty of resources. That’s a great way to round out his career.