The Philadelphia 76ers have now fallen in the second round of the NBA playoffs for the fourth time in the last five years. Even with the reigning MVP, Joel Embiid, they still couldn’t pull off the upset.

As could be expected, it marked the end of Doc Rivers‘ time as head coach. Too many of his teams had failed to meet expectations, and it became clear that his ceiling with the company had long since been reached.

So, given that the Sixers are seeking for a new coach again, there should be no shortage of applicants eager to sketch up offensive plays for Joel Embiid and James Harden. Here, we’ll examine three that make the most sense.

3. Mike Budenholzer

Mike Budenholzer quickly rose to prominence as a potential head coaching prospect. He has won a title as a coach and has a solid reputation around the league; his record during the regular season also speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, Coach Bud has been beaten in the postseason far too often. While he excels at creating a defensive identity and a selfless offense, he doesn’t do a great job of adjusting on the fly during games.

2. Sam Cassell

Sam Cassell has ached to take charge for a very long time. For the previous 14 years, he’s worked as an assistant coach, and for the past three, he’s held the position of director of player development.

Cassell could provide stability while also stirring things up, and that’s often all it takes to bring a club over the hump. While he may lack prior experience in a leading role, he certainly isn’t a greenhorn.

1. Mike D’Antoni

As James Harden’s coach, Mike D’Antoni saw his potential and brought out the best in him. If they want Harden to be around for at least another season, it’s clear they need to re-sign the man who helped mold him into an outstanding playmaker.

D’Antoni has a brilliant mind for offense and is a top offensive coach. He’s a genuine and tried coach, something we can’t claim about many of the candidates left at this late date. This is a risk that may pay off instantly.